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August 11, 2015 / Council of State Archivists

Recap: Annual Meeting 2015

CoSA Meeting 2015

CoSA Board Elections:  Joining the board for a three-year term are:  John Dougan (MO), Chelle Somsen (SD), and Jack Warner (MA).  Officers for 2015-16 are:  Matt Blessing (WI), President; Patricia Smith-Mansfield (UT), VP/President-elect; and Steve Murray (AL), Secretary-Treasurer.

Work Session:  Sponsored by Ancestry, the annual Work Session is an opportunity for members to discuss CoSA organizational issues and hear updates on advocacy activities, NHPRC news, and upcoming professional development opportunities.  This year’s Work Session also featured presentations by Dorothy Fouche (AL) and Felicia Lujan (NM), our CoSA-Ancestry Leadership Award recipients.

Member/Award Recipient Dinner:  Fifty members and friends joined in a convivial evening celebrating this year’s award recipients.

SHRAB Box Lunch:  Kathleen Williams, NHPRC Executive Director, and Dan Stokes, State Program Director, presented information and updates regarding SHRAB responsibilities, future directions, and funding programs.  We celebrated the SHRAB 40th anniversary with a delicious red velvet cake! Thank you to Gaylord Archival for helping to sponsor the beverages and cake for this event!

Business Meeting:  CoSA wrapped up its events with its annual business meeting where financial and committee reports were recapped.

Silent Auction:  More than $1200 was raised to support CoSA programming from silent auction donors who bid on a terrific variety of items donated by members, friends and staff.  A special thank you to Ancestry for donating memberships and DNA kits; and to Gaylord Archival and University Products for their donations of gift certificates. Lots of interest and heavy bidding for chocolates, coffee nuts from Hawaii; tuna from American Samoa; rum from the Virgin Islands and Kentucky bourbon!  If you were a bidder, we hope you got what you wanted!


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