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May 16, 2014 / Council of State Archivists

And the award goes to….

….You! Or your colleague. Or an Archives or supporting organization that you know of. The point is – these awards have to go to somebody/place and the Council of State Archivists needs your help to identify and nominate worthy candidates! The deadline to submit nominations for the CoSA Awards Program is today, May 16 at 5pm.

Awards are offered for the following categories:

  • Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award – This award recognizes the sustained leadership and outstanding contributions of an individual or institution to the development of state and territorial archives
  • Victoria Irons Walch Travel Stipend – This award encourages the development of an emerging leader in state and territorial archives by providing a stipend for an individual to attend the annual Council of State Archivists meeting. The recipient will receive a certificate and travel funds.
  • Advocacy for Archives Award – This award acknowledges an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to efforts by state and local government archives to ensure the preservation and availability of the American historical record. The recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Rising Stars Award – These awards acknowledge outstanding contributions by individual staff members or teams to their state archives and constituencies.

With so many award categories to choose from, it’s natural that you may feel some hesitation in being confined to just one nomination. CoSA’s suggestion? Nominate as many candidates as you want! By recognizing exemplary achievements, the Council of State Archivists hopes to inspire others to make similar contributions to the field. For more information about the individual awards and the nomination process visit today!


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