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July 11, 2013 / Council of State Archivists

SERI Introductory Electronic Records Institute – Day Three

On day three of the SERI Introductory Electronic Records Institute, with stormy weather on the horizon, we arrived at the Indiana State Library with umbrellas in hand, ready once again to storm the doors and make the trek up to the 4th floor. After our daily breakfast and morning discussion everyone settled in for a full day of Cal Lee, Associate Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill.

03-Wednesday - Cal Lee 05

Cal began the day with explaining and discussing electronic records acquisition with great interaction, questions, and comments from the whole group.

With a huge blob of green and red heading our way, we broke early for lunch with the hope of getting back before the skies opened up and soaked us through. With umbrellas in hand again, we dispersed to find a tasty bite to eat. While busy eating the winds blew the clouds in and everyone finished up and started heading back to beat the rain. On the walk back small rain drops slowly started falling…then stopped. Everyone made it back dry and unscathed and ready to dive right into some hands-on activities.

After lunch we migrated to the computer lab to work on generating file hashes and using a hex editor. Once everyone had an opportunity to try their hand at hashing, we moved back down the hall for a great discussion on electronic records preservation to cap off the day.

03-Wednesday - Group Activity 09

Luckily the green and red blob dissolved without dropping much rain and we all had a dry, albeit humid, walk back to the hotels in the afternoon. Downtown Indianapolis can thank our group for preventing the rain from falling due to the numerous umbrellas we purchased upon arriving and seeing the weather forcast for the week.

**The SERI Introductory Electronic Records Institute is being funded by a grant from IMLS.


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