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September 7, 2012 / Council of State Archivists

WANTED! Session Proposals for 2013 SAA/CoSA Joint Meeting

The 2013 SAA/CoSA Joint Meeting is just around the corner! What?! But, you’re thinking it’s almost a year away. Ah, but while it has been just six weeks since the CoSA annual meeting and only three weeks since the SAA annual meeting, planning for 2013 is already underway!

  • We are looking for CoSA members and/or your staff members willing to take the lead and propose sessions or serve as session chairs or session speakers.
  • We would like to know if any CoSA members are already preparing session proposals and/or have signed on to session proposals being submitted by others.
  • We are looking for other session ideas.

This is CoSA’s meeting and to help make it successful, session proposals are needed. CoSA and CoSA committees will have a chance to endorse session proposals. Endorsements can make a difference if two similar proposals are being considered.


Proposals must be submitted on the appropriate session proposal form, available at:

CoSA Program Committee members Beth Shields (Kentucky), Bonnie Weddle (New York) and Nancy Lenoil (California), along with CoSA staff, have compiled a list of topics for potential sessions:

  • SERI – could consist of a review of the project findings and activities OR SERI reps could be integrated in other sessions about electronic records to provide perspectives from state archives
  • Manuscript repositories that hold public records – how are they managing them and providing access?
  • “Professional Development on a Shoestring”
  • Knowledge management and transfer as long-time employees retire (13 new state archivists have been appointed in the last year) – how are the states managing such transitions and how are other types of repositories handling them?
  • Advocacy/awareness – how do we explain to others what we do? CoSA is planning to develop a report on the importance of state archives and why it is important to support them. What are other types of repositories doing?
  • Surveys – CoSA will have data from the current CoSA survey of state archives as well as the SERI surveys. SAA has recently completed a membership survey. The Society of California Archivists is also planning a survey. Are there others that should be included?
  • Demand for access to correctional facility, mental health, social service or other records documenting individuals generated by the availability of the 1940 Census or other born-digital or digitized records recently placed online – many records in state archives have to be restricted for privacy or to protect against identity theft.
  • Lightning Sessions – In this new format, 9-15 speakers present 5-minute presentations in 60-90 minute sessions. Proposals need to have at least 4 speakers identified. A session could highlight similarities and differences among various types of archival repositories, i.e., “Here’s how we do it in government archives. How do you do it in historical societies? Corporate repositories? University archives?” For instance, four speakers, one from each repository type, could address funding and the challenges of dealing with legislatures vs. boards of regents vs. board of directors, etc. Another set could look at acquisition procedures and practices – records schedules in government and corporate settings vs. donor solicitation in private repositories and universities.

Please let Beth, Bonnie, or Nancy know if you would like to participate in any of the sessions described above or have any additional program ideas.

Nancy Lenoil
California State Archives
Program Committee Co-Chair

Beth Shields
Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives

Bonnie Weddle
New York State Archives


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