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August 4, 2011 / Council of State Archivists

Secretary of State Jim Condos announces launch of the history of the Vermont’s public records law

Story originall appeared on on July 26 and was written by Nancy T. Lynch

Secretary of State Jim Condos, in continuing his focus on access to Vermont’s public records, announces the launch of a new web presentation on the history of the Vermont’s public records law. This is  part of an ongoing effort by the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration (VSARA), a division within the Secretary’s office, to create greater understanding of the laws governing access to public records and, by extension, our right to know.

Secretary Condos noted that “VSARA initially focused on the origins of the various exemptions to the public records act.  This should assist the legislative study review of those exemptions – the committee begins its work on Wednesday July 27.  We hope, as resources allow, to keep adding to the information on not only exemptions, but also the other sections within 1 V.S.A. §§ 315 – 320.” [link to full story]


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