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July 27, 2011 / Council of State Archivists

About That Picasso Floating In The Basement …

This story originally appeared on on July 21, 2011.

For emergency managers, some people are harder than others to reach.  Sometimes, it’s because they aren’t that interested in being reached – tenured professors, for example.  Sometimes, it is because we aren’t sure HOW to reach them – like the cultural institutions in your community.  How does one open a dialogue with a library or museum about integrating them into a community emergency plan?

Here’s a book that will help:  “Implementing the Incident Command System at the Institutional Level: A Handbook for Libraries, Archives, Museums and other Cultural Institutions”, by David L. Carmichael, the Director of the Georgia Division of Archives and History.  His mission is to help cultural institutions use ICS to protect, preserve and recover the Picasso’s they find floating in the basement storage room – and all those other archives and treasures that make up our cultural heritage. [link to full story]


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