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July 22, 2011 / Council of State Archivists

2011 NAGARA/CoSA Annual Meeting Update 5: The week wasn’t all work and no play!

Even archivists know how to have a good time… 

Many of us made our way at some point during the week to Puckett’s Grocery Restaurant for some local Nashville fare and live music. I was even able to buy a coffee mug to add to my already fairly large collection. It would be accurate to say that I have a weakness for coffee mugs and I tend to buy one from almost every place I visit. Kate Corsaro (Kathleen Roe’s daughter and temporary CoSA staffer) enjoyed the live band so much she even got their autographs and posed for a picture with them. 

Thanks for all you’re help last week, Kate! 

Friday night, a group of us trekked over to the Grand Ole Opry for a Friday night performance. Performers included Jeannie Seely, Jimmy C. Newman, The Cleverlys, Jimmy Dickens, Mike Snider, Randy Montana, George Hamilton IV, Stonewall Jackson, Jean Shepard, Michael Grimm, Riders in the Sky, Jack Greene, and Restless Heart. Haven’t heard of most (or any) of them? Don’t worry, neither had I. While it was no Carrie Underwood show, it was still fun and we all had a great time. Here’s a little taste of the Grand Ole Opry for you:

Waiting outside before the show started 


One of the many performers

Intermission, time for everyone to check their phones!

If you and your buddies did anything fun while in Nashville, let me know and send me your pictures (rjulson[at] I’ll either post them here or add them to CoSA’s Flickr page.


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