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July 13, 2011 / Council of State Archivists

2011 NAGARA/CoSA Annual Meeting Update 1

All CoSA board members and staff arrived safely in Nashville and didn’t waste any time getting to work. We made the easy commute to the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 1.5 blocks north of the conference hotel, for our all-day Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday. We had a fantastic work space in which to conduct our meeting and are very appreciative of all the hard work Jami and Wayne put in to help make our meeting a success.

Today we made our way one block south to the Nashville Public Library where we gathered with the full membership and those representing their state/territorial archives. States and territories represented this year included: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

We missed all the members who were unable to attend this year, but hopefully we can keep you all “in the loop” through the blog and the follow-up web conference later this month.

The work session kicked off with a delicious lunch made possible by’s continued financial support of CoSA…


…and a very interesting presentation made by Quinton Atkinson, Content Director. Quinton provided us with a lot of information, so I’ll do my best to summarize it here:

  • has spent 15 years and $110 million acquiring, digitizing, and indexing content which they make accessible through their website.
  • There are 1.6 million subscribers and 7 million user additions and corrections.
  • Over one million people are using their iPhone/iPad apps to download information from the site.
  • 90,000 photos, documents, and stories are uploaded by users every day.
  • They created 200 new collections in 2010.
  • One of their most recently released collections is the U.S. Navy Ship Muster Rolls 1939-1949 totaling 27 million records.
  • They are working on making available United States Birth, Death, and Marriage records from many states.
  • Soon to release the 1940 United States Federal Census.
  • Who Do You Think You Are? season 3 likely to occur sometime in 2012 with 10 episodes. In 2011 the show had 6.3 million viewers per episode and was number two in its time slot. wants to work better at meeting the needs of the state archives. They want to provide data that is usable and to learn what the state archives need and want. One of their current projects is to create a State Archives Page for each state that wants one. The pages will include information about each organization/program and will help give your state’s residents free access to records from your state that are located in’s databases.

After Quinton’s presentation, the CoSA Board, led by outgoing president Barbara Teague (KY)…

…reported back to the full membership everything the Board discussed during Tuesday’s meeting. Here’s a very brief summary of the work session/board meeting:

  • John Cook from the Northern Mariana Islands presented CoSA with a territory flag to add to our state/territory flag collection.

  • CoSA is starting a new project called the State and Electronic Records Initiative, or as it’s commonly referred to, SERI. The main goal is to create a more detailed profile of the status of state electronic records programs. We will be conducting phone interviews with the directors and electronic records staff in each state and territorial archives and records management programs.
  • Kathleen Roe provided an advocacy status report.

  • This year’s Kathleen D. Roe Advocacy Award will be given to the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and will be presented to them at their February Meeting.
  • Vicki provided an update on the survey of state archives and SHRABs.
  • Vicki also updated everyone on the IPER project. 71 courses have been completed and one is currently in progress; of the courses completed and in progress, 52 have been delivered as webinars and 20 have been delivered in person; 23 courses are currently scheduled; there are 1,500+ registered Resource Center users (participants); and 1,100+ participants have completed the courses (our goal is to have 3,360 participants nationwide).
  • There were several more reports on other projects and initiatives.

The evening ended with a very lovely reception on the Legislative Terrace at the Sheraton hotel.

Tomorrow’s schedule starts with the NAGARA Business Meeting, continues through the morning with several concurrent sessions, a plenary session, lunch with the exhibitors, several more concurrent session and then ends with a reception at the Belle Meade Plantation.

Check back again tomorrow for another Annual Meeting Update!


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