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March 14, 2011 / Council of State Archivists

Historical society turns focus to archives

Article originally appeared on on March 10, 2011 and was written by Matthew S. Bajko.

Preserved in the cardboard box is a jumble of unorganized newspaper clippings, internal memos, a role of stickers, and even a record by drag performer Dina Martinez. The mishmash of material is from the 1999 mayoral campaign of Tom Ammiano, now a state assemblyman.

Since 2001 the records have been stored in the archives of the GLBT Historical Society. No one has gone through the box to properly catalogue exactly what it contains, though, until now.

In January the preservationist group hired a second archivist to begin sorting through its collection of donated materials. It was able to do so after receiving a $130,000 two-year grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the funding arm of the National Archives.

Under the funding guidelines, the society is expected to process half of its backlog of donated paper materials by September 30, 2012. It estimates that the total backlog comes to about 1,100 linear feet of materials; so the goal is to cut that down to 550 linear feet of papers. [link to full article]


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